How to Hack a Phone
How to Hack a Phone

Some Ways To Hack a Phone

We all have James Bond movies, where they easily hack someone’s phone to retrieve data. Earlier hacking was very complicated. Only professionals were allowed to do so.

But due to technological advancements hacking have become a common practice. You will find cases on a daily basis where social media accounts are hacked, vital information is leaked.

Because of all these reasons hacking, in general, is considered illegal. But we are not talking about illegal hacking. In this post, we will talk about ethical hacking and how you can hack someone’s phone while maintaining the ethical boundaries.

Some Ways To Hack a Phone
Some Ways To Hack a Phone

Ethical Hacking

When hacking is done for a good purpose, it is known as ethical hacking. Not all types of hacking are bad. In these types of hacking, you are not trying to harm someone. On the contrary, it is done to protect your loved ones and stay averse of cheaters.

Ethical hacking is legal. You won’t face any consequences for it. You have to make sure you use ethical tools and apps for this purpose. Privacy is the biggest concern here. You need to make sure all the information remains private.

Only a few people are allowed to hack a phone ethically. Here we will discuss about the people who are allowed to hack someone’s phone.

Reasons to hack someone’s phone

Reasons to hack someone's phone
Reasons to hack someone’s phone

Here is a list of all the reasons to hack a phone. If you fall into any of these categories, you are allowed to hack. If you misuse the information or violate trust, you can face legal consequences. Hence, it is advisable that you follow proper guidelines and tools.

Parental Control

If you are a parent, then you are allowed to hack your child’s phone. The age of your child should be below 18 years. There are many scams and frauds that happen on the internet. In order to protect your kids and to keep an eye on them. You are allowed to hack their phone.

You will not be accountable to anyone if you are hacking your child’s phone for parental control. It will also keep your child safe as you can easily track their location. You can save them from strangers who are lurking on the internet to target young kids.

Cheating Spouse

If your partner is acting strange and spending too much time on their phone, it is possible that they are cheating on you. To avoid spending your entire life in denial it is best to find out the truth. You can do it by hacking their phone.

Prove Infidelity

If you know that your partner is cheating on you and have no evidence of their cheating, you can hack their phone. By doing this, you can easily get the proof needed to prove their infidelity.

Monitor Employees

To make sure your employees are not sharing any vital business information to your competitors it is advisable to hack their phone. This way you can monitor all their activities. And if there is any such case, you can easily prove their treachery.

Ways to hack a phone

Now that we are cleared on ethical hacking and purpose of hacking let’s move on to different ways of hacking a phone. In this modern world, you will find various ways to hack a phone. Some ways are legal, some are illegal, some are easy and some are complicated. We are going to discuss about some ways and choose the best one out of it for you.

Spam Messages

Spam Messages
Spam Messages

In this technique, you can use spam messages to hack someone’s phone. Nowadays every smartphone is synced to a Google account. You can use their phone number to login to their Google account. After then click on forget the password. Google will no send a code on the registered number.

In order to retrieve the code send a spam message on the phone asking for the code. If they are naïve enough, they will send you the code. Now using the code you can easily hack their phone. This method has several drawbacks. People have become smarter these days, so the chances of success are low.

Midnight Raid

This method was once very popular. In this method, you can easily get all the information from someone’s phone by simply using a text message. You need to connect the target phone to the laptop and send a text message on it with another phone.

The message will activate the browser which will then retrieve all the information and bring it back to your phone. You will need hacking knowledge to pull this move. It is also one of the riskiest ways as the chances of getting caught is very high.

Check Video More Midnight Raid Hacking:

USB cable

You can also use a USB cable to get all the important details from the target phone. But here you need to have some kind of hacking knowledge. Also, you can only get limited information with this method. The chances of getting caught are high because you will need to physically access the target phone.


You can create a fake phishing page to get the password. But here you will need technical knowledge as well as hacking knowledge to create a fake page. And people have become aware of such scams, so it hardly works anymore.


You can also use Keylogger software to get the phone password. By installing this software you will be able to record all the keystrokes on the target phone. You can read whatever is being typed on the phone. You will need to download, install and set up the software in the target phone to access all the data.

Spying Application

Spying Application
Spying Application

The most preferred way to hack a phone is by using spying software. You can easily find the best spying applications online. With these applications, you can easily hack the phone without using it. You just have to use it once and then you are set for life. You can hack all the activities on the phone. Here is all that you can do with a spying application.

What can you do with a spying application

Once you hack the phone using a spying application, you can track all these activities.

  • Call Monitoring: You can spy on the call logs.
  • Monitor text messages: You can monitor all the text messages of the target phone.
  • Call record: You can record all the call made on the target device.
  • Location Tracker: You can track the location of the target device.
  • Keylogger: You can record all the keystrokes of the target phone.
  • Spy on emails: You can spy on the emails received and send on the target phone.
  • Access files: You can get access to all the multimedia files on the phone.
  • Social media monitoring: You can monitor all the social media accounts like, Facebook account, Instagram account, WhatsApp account, Snapchat account, etc.

You can do all these things simply by hacking a phone with a spying application.

Steps to using a spying application to track a phone

If you want to track a phone by using a spying application, follow all these steps.

  • Step 1: Select a genuine application to spy

First, you need to choose a good trusted spying application. Beware of all the fake applications.

After you have selected a spying application, visit the website to create an account for you. All the spying activities will be manageable through this account.

  • Step 3: Create an Account

Once you find the website, look for the signup option and click on it. Here you will have to enter all your details to create an account.

  • Step 4: Choose the Target Device

Once you have signed up successfully, you have to select the target device. Example, if the target have iPhone or Samsung phone.

  • Step 5: Enter target details

Now you have to enter the details of the target phone. You have to enter the nickname, age of target and device model number.

  • Step 6: Select a Subscription/Payment plan

If the application is payable, you have to choose a subscription plan and payment plan to suit your requirement.

This is the risky part. Here you have to download and install the application in the target phone. After it is complete, open the application and log in using your credentials.

  • Step 8: Hide the icon

Now you need to hide the application icon to remain undetected. Also, delete the download history.

  • Step 9: Log in

Now you can log in to the application from your phone to track all the activities on it.

  • Step 10: Track all the activities

Go to control panel and select various spying options. You can keep an eye on all the important activities on the dashboard.


From all the hacking options, this is the easiest and safest one. You can easily use a legal and trusted spying application to hack a phone. This way you can track all the activities on that phone.


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