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Spy Call: How to spy on Phone Call logs

There are over eight billion people in this world, over which 81% of the population has a mobile in their hand. The network connecting all of us is huge and all of these networks are encrypted so that the data that is sent using wireless technology is reached only from one end to the other and not to any third-party user. So, this offers a lot of privacy to a phone call. This is definitely an advantage. However, for safety purposes, it is important for some people to track the information about the phone calls. There are many people who require tracking certain information from a mobile.

Spy Call: How to spy on Phone Call logs
Spy Call: How to spy on Phone Call logs

Why need Spy Call app

  • If a 13-year old child is using a mobile, it is important for the parents to know that their child is using it in a healthy manner. If he/she is spending too much of time talking to someone over the phone, it’s the responsibility of the parents to make sure their child is safe.
  • This is also applicable for a company’s owner to spy on his employee. This is just to make sure the company’s data is not being leaked or utilized in a wrong way.
  • You may also want to find out the location of your phone or a victim’s phone and check their backup.
  • Check the messages on the mobile and track people out of it.

Many such examples exist which tells how to track the phone in different scenarios. The reason for introducing this is the relationship of trust doesn’t exist and also that they are concerned about one another’s safety. If a person isn’t loyal enough, he/she might delete the call log and messages. GuestSpy app allow you to retrieve the deleted call log information. It also ensures that the process of retrieving the information happens at the backend and the victim will not know about it at all. There are a few apps that require the app to be installed on yours as well as the victim’s mobile.

About GuestSpy

GuestSpy is one such software where you install the software on your mobile and then install it into the target device. This app allows you to spy effectively without having to worry about the target phone being aware of it. As soon as the app is installed on both the devices, you will get alerts and notifications regarding the target device.


This helps you track the information better. It is considered to be the best for parental control. It is a very simple application and easy to use. The best part about this app is that all of the features are available on one application and for free. This makes it open source and accessible to everyone. It is regarded as the best phone spying app.

It has a free GPS tracker, a hidden call recorder, WhatsApp spy and other social media spy apps, and messenger spy. GuestSpy is an all-in-one platform suitable for spying on an entire phone.