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10+ Mobile Spy Features of GuestSpy app

In this busy world when we are busy in maintaining the lifestyle and spending hours in the office to earn money. Hence we do not get time to watch our children what they are doing or with whom they are spending time. Therefore we are always worried that how can we keep an eye on their actions. In our office being a boss we are worrying that what if someone will misuse the information that we are providing to him. If we do not talk about that topic there is one important issue which is that what will happen if your own partner will cheat on you.

10+ Mobile Spy Features of GuestSpy app
10+ Mobile Spy Features of GuestSpy app

These were some of the issues which are relatable by many of you. So what is the solution, how you can rid of all this? There is one application that will solve your entire problem. It is the GuestSpy app. this app will allow you to always keep an eye on your loved ones as well as on your employees. By using this app. you will get relief. This application will not only allow you to get the information about their online activities but also about their locations by which you can trace them by sitting in your own place. Here is the detail of the 10+ Mobile Spy Features of GuestSpy app which you can use from your phone:-

Sms/text message spying: this feature will allow you to read the complete message which was sent as well as which are received. You will get the details of both the sender as well as the receiver. It also mentions the date and time information about each and every text message.

Track the call logs: you can get the details of the contact number with their numbers when they have a conversation along with the missed call details. You can also access the information that how long was the call and from which side it was made. You can also get the information of the date also.

Record the calls: by using this application you can easily record the calls. The incoming calls as well as the outgoing call also which was made by the intended user. Using the GuestSpy app can turn on all the recording for some specific numbers and also give you the updates on your account so that you can know about that.

Provides GPS tracking: this app will allow you to know all about the location of the targeted user. You wish to spy along with the latitude, longitude, time and date of the places that they will visit. You can also have the location history details which are automatically uploaded on your account whenever they visit a new place.

Internet browsing history: it is very important which is mandatory for the parents  to check internet activities. You can keep a watch on what they are browsing. They can know what they are watching online. By using this app you can check all his URLs and internet browser history. You can not only detect the time and the date but you can also get to know that how many times they had visited this site.

Trace phonebook: you can remotely get access to all the saved information. You can get even the address, email ID and the birthday information as well which is stored in their phones.

Monitoring the multimedia files: this app will not only allow us to capture the images that are saved on the intender phone but also allow us to record all the videos also that are saved in their online dashboard.

Monitoring instant messaging application: not only you can spy the messaging but you can also monitor the instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, etc. here we will discuss some of them.

WhatsApp: – it will allow you to access all the conversations with the detailed like the profile name and number, time and date of the conversations. All the pictures, videos, audio files were exchanged in between the conversations.

Skype: – supervise all the chats along with the date and time and contact details.

Snapchat: – monitor all the Snapchat chats conversation along with the images and the videos exchanged.

Hangouts: – spy on all the chats which were exchanges by the medium of Hangout.

Facebook: – you can easily access this Facebook app by using the GuestSpy app to read the friend list, requests, and messages from the sender as well as from the receiver, images, videos, and all the audios. It will provide you all the details in your online account.

Trace user activities: – you always get notified about the activities. This app will provide the required information on all the activities in your login as well as log out time.

Hard to detect: – this app is very hard to detect. GuestSpy app guarantees you that this app 100 percent undetectable.

System friendly: – this GuestSpy app will allow you to use this app in any kind of phone. This app is system friendly. You can easily access this app on your android phone as well as on your iPhone or iPad.

These were the features of the GuestSpy app which will make your work easy. You can access this app by just clicking on link This website will make your work easy.


It is very important nowadays to have an eye on your loved ones that what they are doing. As cybercrime is increasing day by day it becomes very important to have the knowledge that to whom they are talking. This 10+ Mobile Spy Features of GuestSpy app will not only beneficial in personal life but also for professional life. You can trace the activities of your employees that to whom they are spreading the confidential information of your business. You can simply get all the information of all about this app by this website You can easily access this app and help your loved ones from getting in any trouble.

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Here is the detail of the 10+ Mobile Spy Features of GuestSpy app which you can use from your phone. Use GuestSpy and Spy on Cell Phone Real-Time.

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