10+ Mobile Spy Features

GuestSpy Features: 10+ Free Phone Spy Features

The mobile phone has become an essential part of our lives. We constantly use a mobile phone for our personal and professional lives. Obviously, mobile phones have reduced human work and made it easier and more convenient to do so. But it has created problems for human beings as well, as we have become overly dependent on mobile phones.

A mobile phone has become a hub that stores all the important information about a person in one place. Therefore the mobile phone plays a very important role in our lives.

GuestSpy Features: 10+ Free Phone Spy Features
GuestSpy Features: 10+ Free Phone Spy Features

What is A Phone Spy App

A phone spy app is an application that spies on the target mobile phone. This app tells you the activities of the target mobile phone, and helps the user by providing them the location of the target device, call log details, text messages, social media chats, and many other types of crucial information. These apps are essentially surveillance software that can be installed on the target phone usually without the knowledge of the phone’s owner. There are several phone spying apps available, both paid and unpaid.

GuestSpy App

GuestSpy App
GuestSpy App

One of the best phone spying apps is the GuestSpy app. GuestSpy app works on both Android mobile phones and iPhone. This app comes with several interesting features that no other spying app provides.

Parents are always worried about what their young children are doing. They want to know if their child is on the right path, meeting the right kind of people, going to places where they are not safe, or probably should not go. To remove all these tensions, a parent can choose to monitor their child every time. GuestSpy app helps parents track and monitor their children regarding their child’s activities and communications on the internet.

If you are worried about the safety of your loved ones, you can use the GuestSpy app and it will tell you their whereabouts. This app can be used by family members to take better care of each other. This app will notify you about every activity of your family members by setting up various alerts and notifications.

GuestSpy app has proved beneficial for employers to track their employees. Employers can know what their employee is doing in-office hours. If you are suspicious about your spouse you can keep an eye on them to check whether they are cheating on you or not.

The other use of the GuestSpy app is when you have lost your mobile phone. You can track the location of your mobile phone through another device.

How to use GuestSpy App

Steps to install GuestSpy app are:

  • Download the app on your device
  • Create an account with ID and password
  • After installing the app on your device, install the app on the target mobile phone (it is always recommended to hide the app after installation so that the target user doesn’t get to know about it).
  • Now you can see all the activities of the target phone on the control panel of the GuestSpy app.
  • Never lose your password.

Features of GuestSpy App

Features of GuestSpy App
Features of GuestSpy App

GuestSpy is an application to track all the activities of the target phone. You can monitor them on your device through the control panel. GuestSpy offers many additional features such as:

Remote Control

It provides real-time data, which means you get all the information in real time, as they are happening. You can listen to the calls, read text messages, view shared images or videos or any other form of media in real time.

Contact Logs

The app provides you the access to view the contact list of the target user. You can view each contact and get details also. Even if the target user deletes the contact you will be able to see it on your device.

Browsing History Tracking

You can view the browsing history of the user. Additionally, it is possible to know the phone owner’s real-time browsing history, which will help you to know what the person is doing on the Internet. You can view the deleted history also.

Easy Install

No jailbreaking is required. The app is safe and secure. You can install the app from the guestspy.com on your Android or Apple device.

Free KeyLogger

A special feature of this app is a keylogger. A keylogger allows you to access the password of the target mobile phone. You can know all the passwords on the target mobile phone.

100% Undetectable

GuestSpy works in stealth mode, which means that the target user doesn’t get to know that their mobile phone is being tracked. After installation, you must hide the app from the app’s icon list. The app doesn’t consume more battery so the target user never gets to know about the existence of the app.

GPS Tracker

The most important and useful feature of the app is that you can track the location of the target mobile phone. This app has a GPS tracker which tells you the location of the target device. You can view the entire location history of the target device. You can also know the exact location on the control panel of the app.

Text Message Spy

You can monitor all text messages sent or received by the target user. You can read all the text messages, including the deleted ones. You can also access the details of the sender.

Spy Call

You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls of the target device. You can know every detail of the call like call duration, caller details, location, etc.

Hidden Call Recording

You can track all activities taking place around the user as well. You can record the sounds from your device. You can record all the calls made by the target device.

WhatsApp Spy

This app is very useful in tracking WhatsApp messages. You can record the WhatsApp messages along with the shared media. You can get the details of the WhatsApp contact list. You can get access to all the shared media like images, videos, GIFs, etc.

Social Chats Monitoring

You can monitor social media accounts of the target user. You can view social media chats also.