Track Internet History

Track Internet History using GuestSpy App

GuestSpy is a completely free spying tool that can provide greater and clearer information of a targeted device about messaging, SMS, GPS, calls and various IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat more than any other spying app for iOS and Android. It should be mentioned that this great tool offers its services without any fee or trial period and is open to all without any cost. It works on a variety of operating systems.

How Can I Track Internet History Using GuestSpy App
How Can I Track Internet History Using GuestSpy App

So, it serves as a great tool for tracking the browser’s internet search history of the targeted device.


Uses of tracking internet surfing

  • By tracing the search history of a browser, you can keep a lookout for your partner and be aware of what they are searching or looking for, thereby being notified of all details.
  • This can be helpful in the case of locating a device since the last location that was accessed by the browser could serve as possible data from where the device was last used. On top of this, GuestSpy offers tracking even if the target device changes its network because this works on all types of networks.
  • This can be used by parents for keeping an eye on what their children are viewing on the internet. Through this surveillance, the parents can put up a parental control setup to restrict the children from accessing some websites which they can set.
  • This can be used by companies to keep track of what their employees are doing during the office hours and can also help to keep the confidentiality of certain files present on the company network from the possible risk of data breaches.


How can the recorded information be accessed

The information that has been gathered about the internet browser history of the target device can be accessed under the control panel by using the account that is registered with the GuestSpy’s servers on the device of the user when they log in to their accounts with a working internet connection. It works in a completely protected system and in the background so the target device will not be aware of extracting important details from the internet browser of the target phone.

Any user can use it for free by just completing some simple steps:

  • First, install the GuestSpy mobile app from on your device.
  • Then, install the spying software onto the target devices.
  • Now, access your control panel from and access all the details of the browser of the target device on your screen.

What information can be extracted from the browser

You can collect a variety of information by keeping an eye on the internet browser of a system like:

  • Browsing history of the system can provide details on what the person is looking for or the work that they have to undertake.
  • It can also provide details if the system has been used to make any transaction to another system through online modes of payment.
  • It can tell the last location where the device was used, providing location details.
  • Messages or activities done on any social media platform can be accessed through the browser.