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Spy On Text Messages Using GuestSpy

Several applications have been introduced in the digital world to spy on someone’s mobile without their knowledge/consent. Everybody has their own personal reasons for spying on someone else.

Spy On Text Messages Using GuestSpy
Spy On Text Messages Using GuestSpy

GuestSpy is the best solution to the problem which can grant you early and undetectable access to the target’s device. It has a simple design that enables you to keep an eye on Android phones belonging to partners, spouses, children, employees etc.

GuestSpy is a very popular and effective app for tracking someone’s phone activities, including all sent, received and deleted or misplaced messages on the target’s device.

Once the hacking is done on the target’s phone, the app will show all sent, received messages, and all the activities on the phone. The user can also get the details of other senders and recipients, along with minor details such as the date and time of the message.

Why should GuestSpy be an option for spying on text messages

Why should GuestSpy be an option for spying on text messages
Why should GuestSpy be an option for spying on text messages

The GuestSpy tool is a highly effective and trustworthy application as it will not disclose your own personal details on other platforms. It is designed to control and monitor the cell phone which is targeted for surveillance, and is basically an online tool that is set up on the targeted device. After installing this app, it works under hidden and encrypted mode so that no one will be able to get information about the surveillance activities. It is programmed by the software developers in such a way that it can also track the GPS location of the targeted device. The application is quite efficient in ensuring accessibility of the target phone for the user who wishes to control it.


First the user has to install the app from its official link and then he/she must create an account. After that, he/she will be able to retrieve all the information that is required from the control panel. There are a few stages that need to be passed successfully to access the app:


The device or smartphone must grant access to the app before installation so that the app can set itself up without any interference. To allow apps to be set up, users must enable the option of installation from unknown sources.

Downloading the app

Now you have to download the app from its official link.

After downloading the app users can obtain all the necessary information regarding the targeted activities.


This process is quite simple as the user has to create an account using their email id and password to login and use the app.


By logging into the app, you can begin monitoring all the activities being carried out on the target’s device.

Spying services provided by Free Phone Spy

Free Phone Spy provides some best services for surveillance purposes without any interruption by someone else. You can access the target phone from anywhere provided you have an internet connection.

Text messages spying

After installing GuestSpy, all text messages that have been sent and received or deleted can be easily seen through the help of this app. It is especially designed for Android users. The user can also track all SMS content, whether received or sent. The app also provides details of messages such as date and time, with the sender’s and recipient’s names and numbers.

Access to the phonebook

Users can also get access to the phonebook of the target’s device along with the complete details and numbers of all the contacts saved in it. Users will be also able to obtain the name, profile picture, and other information being added on the device with it.

GPS location of the device

The current GPS location of the device and the location history can also be tracked effectively through the app. Users can see everything easily, including  content that contains the name of the location, date and time that the phone was located in this place, etc.

Spy calls

Through the spyware app, users can also get the details of every call in the call logs with its live recording. They can also have the details of every call with its number, date, time and call duration.


If you are looking for an application that enables surveillance and monitoring of your spouse, partners, employees or kids, and/or if you require to protect them from unsafe situations, then you should totally go for this spyware app. You may want to monitor your employees’ activities, their performance, whether they are using official or confidential data for their own benefits, etc.

Not only does GuestSpy keep your own personal details hidden, but also secure, so that you don’t face any sort of issues ahead. With the use of the GuestSpy app it will be a lot easier to gain all the cellular phone activities and details of someone else.