How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing
How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Track a Cell Phone Location accessing GuestSpy app without Them Knowing

Want to track where your children move throughout the day when you are at the office. Want to know with whom your wife or husband goes and where she or he goes. Do you want to trace where your employee is in real-time when sent outside for the official work? Yes, tracking the location of the respective one is a lot easier for the worried mom and dad, loving wife and husband and even employer. Always there is indeed the right solution for a problem and today it has come in the form of amazingly designed technology that is tracking tools or software. If you want to trace the location of anybody you wish to you can take the assistance of a reliable tracking app.

Track a Cell Phone Location accessing GuestSpy app without Them Knowing
Track a Cell Phone Location accessing GuestSpy app without Them Knowing

No doubt the one that will help you in the best possible way is GuestSpy. This app is basically designed for the purpose of monitoring and tracking the Smartphone that we all use nowadays. Regardless of how much tight the security is there on any of the Smartphone particularly the iPhone, the app will work effectively in discovering all the activities done into the smart device. GuestSpy is a user-friendlier app that will assist a hacker in all circumstances of their life and will definitely provide them the exact answer to the question jumping into their mind. The app is well known for providing greater peace to one’s mind and also relaxation. Once you establish the spyware, it will work on your own without asking you to even press any key.

The best thing that you will appreciate about the app is that it doesn’t require you to perform device jailbreaking and device rooting. GuestSpy works very well in the hidden mode and without harming your or target person’s device and without revealing your activity easily.

How to use GuestSpy app to track location

How to use GuestSpy app to track location
How to use GuestSpy app to track location

In order to understand how the GuestSpy app works without the target to find all about it, here is the description of the process of using it. Read it carefully and follow the instructions the same as given here below.

For tracking iOS device location

To track the location of the iPhone a user doesn’t need to install the app into the target person’s device. Actually, the iPhone comes with the built-in iCloud backup feature. The spy tool uses this backup data for extracting the information about the intended person. Since, you are not taking the iPhone of the target in your hand so there is no chance of getting caught doing location tracking.

For the Android operating system

If your target person uses android OS, you need to download the app into the target person’s device. However, the app always functions into the hidden mode so that the target person will not easily find out you tracking the phone location constantly. To begin up with the process of the app using, you need to get it installed from the official site ( You have to place the GuestSpy app not only on your phone but into the target phone. Make sure that you enable the unknown source option in both the device to allow it to take its place easily on both the phones. You also have to register yourself at the site using valid signing details. Once done with everything a hacker needs to log in and from the control panel discovers the location details by hitting on GPS location tracking feature.

Few circumstances when you need access to the GuestSpy tool

To find the child’s location- It is true that nowadays the children also have begun using the Smartphone. The parents can secretly pair up their device with their own through the help of GuestSpy and start tracking the location. The mom and dad can trace their location to see where they move all the way the whole day. Also, it will give them the answer are they at the classes or home or not. Even the app will help them to find their missing kid as nowadays the kidnappers are freely moving around the market.

To check where the partner is at present- It is obvious that in a relationship one easily becomes unsecured. Therefore to stay updated with the activity of the other one, a partner considers tracking their phone. This way they get the idea of where he or she is now. Is she attending the kitty party with her friends? Are they chilling out with buddies late night? Such similar types of queries answer will easily be discoverable. Therefore one can easily stay updated with what the partner does and where he/she goes.

To find the lost device- Getting the phone stolen or lost is no more new thing. It every day happens with some or the other person. If you are the one who has unluckily lost the phone or it has got stolen then through the GPS location features of the GuestSpy app you can easily find its real-time location. In fact, through remotely you can clear all the data stores in your device against getting misused.

To track where the employee goes- It is especially necessary for those that are involved in the job of marketing and sales. The employees are sent out for some work and might be they instead of approaching the client is roaming here and there. Thus to make sure that employee uses the time in the job only the employers can secretly use the app for staying updated with the employees’ location movement activity.

Features of the GuestSpy tool

Calls tracking- GuestSpy app tracks the call logs easily. It helps in retrieving the call information like incoming-outgoing call details, time/date/location of the call, etc easily.

Calls recording- Live call recording is easily possible with it to see what type of talks are done over the calls so the easily all doubt can be removed.

GPS Location tracking- Real-time location tracking, Geo-fencing and finding lost phone is all possible with this feature of the spyware.


There are many more features that are offered by the GuestSpy app so that in addition to the location tracking you get access to all other cellular actions as well.



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