Spy Text: Method Catch a Cheating Using Spy Text App

Catch a cheating spouse using spy text app

A Perfect Modern Invention for Cheaters – Smartphone

Is Modern technology, especially internet a boon or bane? Definitely when it comes to a relationship, it is a bane. Internet enabled mobile phones or smartphones has helped men/women around the world to cheat in a whole new way. There are zillion websites for dating, chatting and other online services. When it comes to the online affairs, people find it easier to get involved sooner as it’s often considered not serious at the beginning. As a result, one often ends up investing lot of time online, getting emotionally attached to a stranger and then all hell breaks loose.

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How a Smartphone is Involved?

Smartphones are always used for following activities in order to maintain privacy and to carry out the jiggery-pokery acts very secretly.

Dating Websites

As internet is bombarded with lot of dating websites, it provides the easy opportunity to for a person to create one or multiple accounts on any of these websites. Once registered, they can access any number of other account holders. All these sites guarantee the members anonymity. So the person is completely non traceable and they don’t get caught by friends or family. Particularly these websites don’t have any restriction on age, race or even gender. Anyone and everyone can have an account and send messages to other account holders.

Social Media:

Social Media websites like Facebook and twitter are readily available when one is bored even while waiting for a coffee or meal to be served. All he has to do is just one touch. He could get updates on all the friends, friend’s friend and even strangers. If they get emotionally attached to any one of them, they might be obsessed with responding to messages, to write on a wall, commenting on or complementing the uploaded picture. Literally this “anywhere access” makes it easier for a person to go astray.



Whatsapp is one of the applications used widely for sending and receiving online messages, voice and video calls. It could also be said that there would be no smart phones without Whatsapp.  It helps to send messages to random numbers or even unsaved numbers at the odd hours of the night. We can connect with friends even in the middle of a boring meeting. There is no constraint with regards to place what so ever.

Smartphone Security

Smart phones are always protected either by pin or pattern or password. So the smartphones are more like a personal device used for all secret tasks. Only the person who knows the password can literally login and use his/her phone. Easy to keep away from the spouse, these passwords protect a person’s activities through their phone. So they have the feeling of “never get caught”.

Using GuestSpy to spy on text messages

While the technological improvement to protect one’s secrecy is on the rise, there are Apps to help a person keep a tab on a cheating spouse too. GuestSpy provides us with a lot of features like reading the whole chat conversations or the media shared on whatsapp. It also allows us to access the phone browser URLs to know the recently visited websites, access to the media file on the phone, call history access with the duration of each call. One can also view the received or deleted emails from the phone. This app also helps us know the phone’s location by GPS location tracker. GuestSpy app is nothing but a relationship savior!!!

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Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
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