Free SMS Tracker Without Them Knowing Install On Target Phone 2017

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December 27, 2016
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Free SMS Tracker Without Them Knowing Install On Target Phone 2017

Free hidden SMS tracker Android app

Free hidden SMS tracker Android app

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Dig out essential information via best SMS Tracker applications

Social media applications have destroyed the geographical barriers between human beings. Now, it has become an obsession especially for teenagers who tend to use them to connect with their friends. The concept of text has evolved a lot as with the introduction of such social media platform; one can share pictures, videos, and other media files through it. There is no crime to share your beautiful life moments however not every information is meant to share.  Social media has many dark sides, and thus it has given birth to SMS Tracker.

Those who want to spy on others social media messages can use SMS trackers for this purpose. Such spying applications are widely used by people to keep their loved ones away from social media predators.  So, let’s know about such trackers in details.

Dig out essential information via best SMS Tracker applications

Dig out essential information via best SMS Tracker applications


 What is SMS tracker GuestSpy App

SMS tracker application is meant for tracking social media messages, i.e., from Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.  These are designed to dig out conversation information including the sender and receiver name along with their numbers and messages. One can even view photos, videos, and GIF via such applications as it monitors such accounts 360 degrees.

Many who are used to spying applications believe that installation of them is required in target phone which is quite true. However, not all SMS tracker applications require having possession of the target phone.  Developers keep on evolving spy applications to get maximum benefits with zero discomforts. So, those who think that such applications don’t exist should think again.

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What qualities to look in an SMS tracker

Not all spy applications are alike; it lets you view different text media along with messages, but each app vary based on their functions and price. So, how to know which application is worth to buy? Here is an array of qualities of things that an SMS tracker must have:


You need not learn rocket science to navigate via the software’s control panel (web-based). Even after having multiple features in it, a good app should be easy to operate. It should allow easy access to the other device information.  Complicated apps might create a problem for non-technical users plus it’s quite frustrating to follow a lengthy or a complicated process to get information.

Quick and easy installing

Along with being user-friendly, it should install quickly.  The installations process should be easy to follow to avoid confusion. When you purchase an SMS tracker app, the respective company sends you a software installation guide via an email. You need to follow the guide step by step to install the application on your device. It requires only a few minutes, i.e., 1 or 2 minutes, and within few minutes of its installation, the application starts working.


Almost all SMS trackers share quite similar features, but even after that, they vary from each other. Make sure to hunt various websites to get better knowledge about these applications.  With a little bit of homework, it would become easy for you to figure out the best available spy app in the market. Make sure to check features like multitude functions along with other essential features.

Inexpensive (No monthly fees)

Even after having quite similar features, price range varies as some are costlier than others.  Majority of applications are a one-time purchase, but some companies charge a monthly fee. Your budget matters a lot, paying more is not s smart decisions. The cost of an SMS tracker highly depends on its quality, functions, and features.

If anything looks too good, then beware to get mesmerized by that price of the application. You need to understand that there is nothing like “cheap application with high-quality features.” Why would someone charge less money for high-end quality software?  Yes, it’s true that an inexpensive SMS tracker could be good as the expensive one, but it will never be equal to it.  Whether it is about cheap or expensive apps make sure to look for powerful features like tracking SMS properly.


Talking about the most important aspect of an SMS tracker then it is “Stealth feature.”  A spy app supposed to be undetectable otherwise it is not a spy application at all. Tracking other device SMS is a secret activity due to which this feature becomes essential. Also, I am not talking about hiding spy apps in your phone as it doesn’t fall into the category of “Undetectable.” By this work, I mean that it should have a stealth feature which is only presented in an excellent spyware.  It should be untraceable and invisible at the same time.

Belongs to a trustable company

Have you ever thought as for why some applications are more popular than other even though they share similar features? It is all about the way an application has developed as some works well while some are just useless. Good applications are developed by experienced developers having sound technical knowledge. Those developers are used for the SMS tracker market and keep on trying to make something unique.  If your end goal is to get entire social media information then chose a trustable companies’ for getting such applications.

Top 5 SMS tracker for android

iPhone and Android have dominated the mobile market and developers consider this fact while developing spy applications. Whether it is about home or office, one needs to have a little bit control over everything. That’s when SMS tracker comes, and the company proving such apps should have three necessary and essential features in it:

Telephone number

The telephone number of a respective website should be working.  The sign indicates the legitimacy of a website plus it would ensure that there are people who ready to listen and solve you,r problems. A website with a fly-by-night number is not an ideal website.

Low monthly fees

Most of the companies charge subscription fees which are not a new thing however it should be low. It’s a spy application, not a system for which a high monthly fee requires. If you have no idea about an acceptable range, then it is somewhere between $14 to $30.  You will get a better app when you spend more.  In other words, people with deep pockets should go for good quality apps to track messages better.

Customer support service

Websites have virtual existence, but it doesn’t mean that they are not liable for the after sale services. If someone is offering you’re an email id then it isn’t enough at all as they should provide your customer support service.  Even after buying expensive apps, you need help in future to solve your further issues related to SMS tracker app.  It has always been better to get your problem resolved by a live person rather than solving it on emails.

SMS tracker applications

The following applications I am going to describe below have sorted by the experts among the junk.  This spyware is tested and is best among the existing ones.  Each listed application lets you read text messages along with other essential details.

Important note:  All the applications are more than an SMS tracker, or you can say that they all are proper spy application. Through them, you can track GPS locations, calls, chat conversations, visited websites along with SMS tracking.


The applications have been ruling the spy app market; it is very different from traditional spy applications. It is powerful, easy to use and can extract information deep into file structures of a tablet or any other device. It can fulfill your “SMS tracker app” needs as one can spy on imessages along with other text messages.


Its text messages and SMS tracker spy software, probably the best one so far.  Around thousands of people have been using this to spy on tablets or cell phones.  The app is capable of retrieving deleted and old messages from other devices.  The device memory has been scoured by the app to extract information due to which it considers the best spy app.  It is even best for iPhone users plus no jailbreak is required to install this application on your device.

  • In both Android and iPhone, it extracts more data plus very less time requires to do this extracting process.
  • You don’t need to have access to the target device.

How does it work

The application uses an over-the-air method and installs program in just a few minutes.  After that, you have to enter your license key along with your telephone number of the target phone. Within few minutes of it, the target phone text messages start appearing on your cell phone.  All sent and received information began to display on your device screen. It works well on any Android or iPhone device.

Customer support service

There is a free telephone support services comes with this application. Just dial 800 and discuss your issue with a live person.


The application costs $20.99 with Monthly upgrades.

Auto Forward spy

It falls in the category of inexpensive spy application or SMS tracker.  It let you view target phone browser history, images, videos and text messages. All this can be done remotely as there is no need to take the phone in your possession. It is simple to use, install easily and offer many benefits without any further hassles.

 What else Auto forward does?

It can record calls, deleted logs, extract phone numbers, recordings. Also, it monitors social media messages in real time and even let you have access to their accounts easily. It tracks GPS locations, emails, incoming and outgoing calls along with browser history of the target phone.

Customer support service

Live people solve any application issue plus the answer to your doubts at the same time.  The customer support service has experts who know what they are saying and how to solve your issues?


Here also, they don’t charge monthly fees plus its price is $69.99.  It is powerful, comfortable, affordable and best SMS tracker till date.

Superpoint Spy

It is best for the average person who needs to spy on their family or friends.  While using this application, you will get comfortable with it plus no jailbreak is needed.  It comes with various useful features like GPS tracking, views call logs, read text messages, etc.  The application is best suited for businessmen and parents.

It is an easy application for complicated devices like iPhone or Ipads.  For using this software, you need to have an account where all the extracted information will be delivered. You can even view these details on your tablets, computer system or on phones.


You can purchase it for $69.99 and as said before there is neither additional price nor monthly charges. Also, the software is a one-time purchase.

Customer support service

It is best among all the customer support service; they solve your issue as soon as possible. Also, the service is available for 245×7 so you can call them anytime.

These all are the best Spy applications regarding SMS tracker. Now, you have got entire information about them, i.e., from features to price. However, these are paid spy apps, but if you are not willing to spend your money on them, you can choose free spy SMS tracker.

A word on free SMS tracker

Spying applications these days are available easily, and some of them work as good as the paid one. However, it is hard to find one as very few works well otherwise you have to pay to use the lock features.  There are also certain things you need to know about free SMS trackers and here are they:

 Majority of free spy applications offer limited features

If you are someone who wants to dig out entire information from others phone, then free spy apps are bad ideas. Here you may get features that track calls or messages, but they won’t monitor social media messages. Yes, they do have this feature, but you have to pay for them, and thus there is no meaning of using them.

You can use some free spy apps that are meant to track a particular social media platform like Whatsapp or Facebook. But again it will only do this only and nothing else.

Most of them won’t work

It’s my personal experience as many free SMS tracker won’t work at all. After downloading those apps, either they show any installment errors or show any other error. Once I downloaded a free spy application, but after its downloading was completed, it didn’t open. In other words, such apps just meant to consume your data and nothing else, so stay away from them.

So, these are some drawbacks of free SMS tracker. However, there is still some hope left. Some free SMS trackers do what they are meant for. Now let’s look at the benefits of using free SMS trackers.

  • Free features are the first advantage of such trackers which includes SMS/MMS tracking, GPS tracking, call tracking and social media.
  • Second benefits are an easy installation and download process. The user has to create an account to get all tracked information in it. After that, configuration and download process are to be carried out. After the complication of it, tracking can be done.
  • No rooting of the phone is required; it is capable enough to track outgoing and incoming WhatsApp messages.
  • Such free spy applications even offer you real-time tracking. It let you take actions required to be taken at that time.
  • Over thousands of people are using free spy apps plus they are satisfied also.
  • If you want to dig a little more into your kids or employees cell phone, then go for “unlock features.”

Free SMS tracker for android 

We are going to see free spy apps that are ruling the spy market and quite popular among users as well. So, here are they:

Mobile tracker free

If you haven’t seen a good and free app so far, then let me introduce you to the ‘Mobile tracker free” application. It offers many free and useful features to track someone’s messages follow simple installations steps and start monitoring.

IkeyMonitor app

For tracking your kid’s activities, you are no longer needed to be virtually paranoid.  Via it, have an eye on their unnecessary browsing history along with chat activities.  Save your kids from being the victim of internet predators.

Mobistealth app

As being a parent, one has to take care of their kids, but as they grow, one has to give them a little space. However, they are still vulnerable and thus Mobstealth free application helps you to keep your children safe.  You can view social media messages via which you can figure out the good or bad things going in their life.

SMS tracker app is an excellent way to protect your loved ones without having strains in your relationships. Save your children from cyber bullying or protect your trade from traitors. Such apps ensure that everything goes well in your life and help you to deal with untold issues.

Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
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