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What is GuestSpy GPS Phone Tracker works?

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With GuestSpy, you can remotely monitor the current location of your children and employees any time and from anywhere. With GuestSpy installed on their phones and tablets you can:

  • View a list of locations that the target phone has been to.
  • Get location details like latitude and longitude.
  • Get time and date stamps to find out when the target was at a specific location.
  • All location history details are uploaded to your online GuestSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
Gps tracker, GPS Phone Tracker, Location tracking, Android gps tracker

Gps tracker, GPS Phone Tracker, Location tracking, Android gps tracker

Why You Need GPS Tracker

Have you ever used a GPS tracker? Well, the answer is apparently yes as almost each one us has a Cell phone and more often uses the GPS application to track a location. This fantastic device is meant for monitoring location however its use has been extended and now it becomes a spying gadget.  Nowadays, people tend to use it as a spying gadget for tracking someone’s location especially uses by the parents. Some people use it to track their car and just like that everyone uses it for different reasons.

Whatever the reason is, one would need a GPS device that works at its best. GPS tracking feature in spy application does a pretty good job, but GPS devices have their place. In this content, we are going to look at both types of GPS trackers so that you can get a better idea about them.

 What are GPS Phone Tracker

 What are GPS Phone Tracker

What are GPS Phone Tracker

Almost all of you know this, but it’s always a better idea to revise its definition before going further.  It has been used to track real-time, location-based and accurate information about any adult, vehicle or children. People have been using this for safety, fleet tracking and theft prevention.

Features to look for: (GPS devices)

The market is flooded with various GPS tracker model however their features vary and so as their quality. As said before, you would need a device which is more than average.

If your end goal is covert tracking, then go for a portable, battery-based and small device. However, if it is about metering your loved one do location or fleet tracking, then you will need a hardwired alternative. Portable trackers are best for tracking multiple locations. They are small and compact due to which you can drop it anywhere and track someone’s location.

Next thing, you should look in it is long battery life as you don’t want to end up with incomplete tracking information. Good quality GPS trackers batteries have long battery life and work for at least five days or a week. Choose a tracker which battery has a built-in motion sensor meant for consuming minimal power while working.

Coming to the most important feature then it will extract the information from the device without using a computer.  It’s better to have remote access via a smart phone or tablet. Sometimes we need to act fast to get a GPS information, and it’s not always possible to have a computer system with you.

GPS tracker for android

Software applications have brought a sudden change in the world of technology. Nowadays, all you need a cell phone, install useful applications into it and get the world at your fingertips. Coming back to the GPS trackers then they are now available in the form of software applications. Many of us are using android technology, and thus various GPS tracking apps have been developed for it. Let’s explore some of the best applications for tracking location:

Way to GPS Phone Tracker

One of the advanced GPS tracking application developed so far; you can call it a proper GPS tracker meant for spying. Once you install this application in any phone, that cell phone needs to be rebooted as without it one cannot remove it from their device.  The application has been famous among parents as it will provide the location details along with some additional information.

  • Locate your friends, family, vehicle, kids, etc. secretly. The app is a real spy app works secretly on the installed device.
  • It offers maximum privacy due to which it’s hard to get caught by the targeted person. It can track the location in one go after which you can view details via a web browser.
  • For Android users, the application has got every feature that supposed to have in a GPS tracking application.


With this application, one could share or track any geographical location within few seconds.  There is no sign-up, or social network is required to use this application. You have to set a length of time, and then the application will send you a link via which you can look at the Estimated Time of Arrival.

However there is one drawback of this application as after the time expires, you will not be able to track the target person location. However, it is easy to use as the glimpse link can be sent via Twitter, face book, and SMS.

MapMyRun GPS running

Technically the application has been created for the fitness purpose, but it does the work of spying also. It covers or tracks the distance covered by a person plus it even has an audio alert. Also, it is one of the best GPS tracking applications made till date for android users. Just switch on the start button as soon as your kids or spouse leave home and know the distance covered by them. Well, it doesn’t let you know where the targeted person is, but it does give an idea about their location.

Open GPS Tracker

Get to know the travel history of any person on whom you have doubt.  Well, this one is not exactly a type of application suitable for spying, however, could be used for the purpose.  Location can be shared via GPX and KMZ format; you can give this job to someone who is giving company to the targeted person. Other than this, if you want to use this just to share your journey with the world, then it is an amazing application.  In it, one can even make notes from text, audios or pictures and show it to the world.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a device which is more than a GPS tracker, then this one would do the work for you.  Via this application, share your real-time location or could be used for tracking their location secretly.  However, installation is required in both the phone, i.e., on the target phone and your phone as well.  Make sure to hide it in the target phone otherwise you may get caught.

GPS Tracking

The application has some incredible features that make it the best virtual GPS locator.  It will search the exact position of the person you are tracking.  Its exclusive Peculiar feature makes it’s a next generation’s application, people even call it a family tracker.  Along with this, a single phone can be tracked for around seven days which has not found yet in any GPS tracker yet. Along with this, SMS, as well as call history, can be shown for seven consecutive days.

GPS Trackers for Android

Another application designed for tracking tours like hiking, GEO-caching, cycling trips, MTB, etc. plus best for android device.  In other words, hard to reach places can be tracked via this application plus a bonus feature is a “Topo maps.”  However, the application consumes more power than usual but worth trying if you want to know the real truth behind someone’s tour.

Maverick – GPS Navigation

Talking about this navigation application then it has an offline maps feature.  Internet connection isn’t required for tracking location. It is considered best for spying purpose as it uses global online as well as multiple regional online applications.  Besides this, planned as well as current locations via Maverick, along with this record all the locations plus maintained it.

How to get GPS Tracker for android

How to get GPS Tracker for android

How to get GPS Tracker for android

You need to know that such applications are either free of cost or the paid one. As you know, free applications aren’t good as the paid one because of the absence of many features. Free applications indeed do the work for you but would not fulfill your spying needs. Spying or mentoring needs to be done with optimum care to ensure that you won’t get caught. Let’s discuss the benefits of paid applications over the free one.

  • Paid GPS tracker for Android offers multiple features that aren’t available in free applications. The paid features let you do the spying work more efficiently to ensure that you will get proper information about the respective person.
  • Paid applications are designed to work secretly as most of them are installed on the target phone. You have no control over that person or the way he/she uses their phone. They need to be hidden from the eyes of that person, and thus it’s an essential feature of a GPS tracker.
  • Paid applications come along with benefits like a bug fix, auto-update with customer support service. You are paying for such applications, and it’s that company’s job to keep you up-to-date and provide you high-quality applications.

Where to get them

Reputed websites are the best option; they offer high-quality applications with advanced features. The bars have been raised by the GPS applications developers. They are evolving tremendously which seems like a never-ending process.

  • Play store has been the most trusted website since its introduction, free from virus and safe. However, if you want to download it from a website other than Play store then do a little homework on it. Do not jump into is direct, invest money with smartness.
  • Every paid application comes with a trail demo package where you can use it for free for a particular period. The purpose of this trail demo is to show you how such applications work? Does it worth to buy? However, trail demo period may vary according to the company policies so that you have to check.
  • Make sure that company selling GPS tracker for android should offer after sale service along with an auto-update feature. In case you experience any software issue regarding the application, they should be able to fix it.

So, after getting introduced to the GPS tracker applications, it’s time to move on to the devices.

Best GPS tracking devices in 2017

GPS devices are not only meant for tracking kids, but they are used for tracking your assets for safety purpose.  Here are best GPS trackers exist in 2017:

STI_GL300 (Real-time GPS tracker)

Whether you want to track people or assets, the tracker works beautifully. It does the real-time tracking work.

  • It has two weeks battery life, so there is no clause of “hassle charging.”
  • It can be accessed via tablet or mobile phones.
  • Get the tracking information via emails on your cell phone.

GX350 (Real-time GPS tracker)

This one is trending among GPS tracking devices because of its multiple uses.

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Perfect for small business and offer reliable results
  • Real-time tracking plus affordable

Trax play kid’s GPS

This one is simple but at the same time offers accurate information. In over 33 countries, it let parents know the location of their kids.

  • It notified parents when their kids leave the safe zone.
  • “On-demand notifications” is another amazing feature of Trax.
  • It is durable plus resists water and dust.
  • It is known as the world’s lightest and smallest GPS tracker.
  • It has a built-in SIM card and works on the 2G network.
  • You can even purchase a data plan via Trax’s web store, and it is quite cheap.
  • Talking about its battery life then it works for 24 hours. Experts advise it to charge at night.

Yepzone one Personal GPS

Mainly built for mentoring elderly people, it is very tiny like a pendant. It works off T-Mobile 2G and At&T Networks.

  • Its GPS singles refreshed in every 10 seconds plus it has no distance limitation.
  • It has an unrivaled battery life that lasts up to two weeks.
  • The best thing about that it is free for six months and very economical choice.
  • You can tie this tracker around the neck of a person, and it does all the tracking work.
  • It is even waterproof due to which one can wear it in showers or pools as well.
  • Although it is designed for senior citizens ideal for small kids also.

Amcrest AM-GL300

It is considered best for traveling purpose when you have luggage with you.  This one is known as luggage GPS tracker but could be used to track people as well. You can fit it with the luggage of your kids if they are going on a vacation or any tour.

  • Because being water-proof, it is an idea to use even on rainy days.
  • With a two-week battery life, you will not have to charge it often.
  • This dedicated luggage tracker is powered by T-Mobile and AT&T and even works off a 2 GSM network.
  • Get a peace of mind with monthly data plan available for this device.
  • It has multiple uses as it gets fit in a car, in your kid’s school bag and even in your purse.
  • Along with this, use your Smartphone or tablet to access GPS location via remote.
  • It even has a geo-fencing alert due to which location can be tracked within few minutes.

GPS tracking devices – how to buy them

There are two options available for you, i.e., online or your nearby stores. Both the options are good however price may vary. Besides this, here are some essential things you need to look while buying such devices:


GPS devices are mainly small due to which people think that they must be vulnerable. Though they are small but manufactures with durable and good raw material. Check the manufacturing details and ask for a guarantee card.

 Battery life

GPS tracking devices have an inbuilt life, and you need to charge them after its power has gone. However, these batteries are not like mobile batteries. The minimum battery life of such devices is 24 hours and maximum a month. Do not choose a device with poor battery life as GPS tracking is all about tracking long distance and multiple locations. If it gets off the middle, then it is worthless to have a GPS along with you.


A tracking device should know how to do its work? There are much low-quality GPS that show inaccurate location plus they work poorly. Always check reviews online or else ask someone who is used to GPS?


GPS trackers are affordable especially the small one however not all of them are same. Certain companies are known for manufacturing ideal GPS devices. It’s better to have trust on those companies instead of buying one from an unknown company.

 Data plan

Some features of GPS allow us to navigate offline; however, internet connection along with data is required.  Such devices come with data packs or plans which cost around $4 for more than two months. SO, go for an economical data plan to save money.


GPS tracker are meant for safety and security of your loved ones; it is not meant for spying. Whether you are using an application device, it should be used ethically. Technology makes our life easier not to bother someone, use GPS trackers for good purpose only otherwise you will not be spared by law and order.  So, make a good use of GPS devices.