Best 10 Parent Must-know Instagram Spy Apps

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How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Chat in Different Situations
March 1, 2019
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How to Check Someone’s Text Messages Online
March 7, 2019
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Best 10 Parent Must-know Instagram Spy Apps

Best 10 Parent Must-know Instagram Spy Apps

Best 10 Parent Must-know Instagram Spy Apps

Review: Best 10 Parent Must-know Instagram Spy Apps
  • #1 GuestSpy
  • #2 Track My Phone
  • #3 TheTruthSpy
  • #4 AppSpy
  • #5 Pumpic
  • #6 NetSpy
  • #7 TeenSafe
  • #8 InSpy
  • #9 PhoneSpying
  • #10 Salfeld Child Control


Get the Best 10 Parent Must-know Instagram Spy Apps. Do read about the top ten Instagram spying tools specially designed for parents.

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Best ten Instagram Spy Apps Parent Must-know

The present era of technology has made the role of a parent more daunting and difficult. It is because parents have no time to be with their kids due to a busy schedule. On the other hand, kids are more into social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, viber, Instagram, and other IM too. Among all the apps available on the web used for communication, Instagram has topped the list. Presently, Instagram has millions of daily active users and the number is still on the count. You kid might be using it to share photos, images, and videos or stay updated with news.

Best ten Instagram Spy Apps Parent Must-know

Best ten Instagram Spy Apps Parent Must-know

However, a recent research shows that Instagram is getting more dangerous due to cyberbullying. Moreover, the research shows that cyber-bullying has become a major factor for suicides among kids and teenagers. That’s why it becomes essential and crucial for the parents to make sure that their kid might not get trapped in such activities. It is obvious that you can’t guard your kid 24×7; this becomes the reason for the birth of a spy app.

This article contains the top ten Instagram spy apps for parents. Using the spying application, you will be able to protect your kid from inappropriate images and cyber-bullying type activities. The spying application serves as a security against all the awful and inappropriate activities. Not able to stop all the butterflies flying around your stomach? Do read about the top ten Instagram spying tools specially designed for parents.

Ten best Instagram spy app:

#1 GuestSpy

#1 GuestSpy

#1 GuestSpy

This is an excellent spying app that works incredibly on both iPhone and Android devices. It can even work well on latest Android Pie and iOS 11. It has become extremely powerful that offers numerous features since its launch. You will be able to perform various activities using this GuestSpy app. The app can be easily set up on your Smartphone at any time.

After downloading and installing it, you can spy on your teenager’s and kid’s Instagram account. This way you can use it to track Instagram activities performed by your kid on their respective account. The application is 100% safe and secure and in addition to it you will be provided with 24 hours of customer support.

Price- the GuestSpy app offers numerous price options that are easy to afford. You can access in free of cost or buy its premium features from:

Pros- it is free to use and run in hidden mode.

View All Feature Download GuestSpy Now

#2 Track My Phone

#2 Track My Phone

#2 Track My Phone


The remote installation makes this Instagram spying application stand out among all the other spying apps. The remote tracking mechanism allows you to track target activities straightaway onto your device. It offers tons of interesting and incredible features that are easy to use and require no special computer skills. It is compatible with almost all operating system such as android version 2.3 to 7.1, blackberry version 5.0-6 & IOS device.

Price- FREE

Pros- you can install the app on your device no matter whether it is an iPhone, android or blackberry easily. You can use the app for tracking locations and spying on text messages send or received or deleted from the suspect device.

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy has the capability to keep an eye over your kid’s Instagram account. This spying tool works remarkably on your device by precisely recording and capturing keystrokes and screenshots. If you are thinking of using this app then you will be able to save your children from cyberbullying. The app allows you to restrict sites that are not at all good for your kids. Just like other spying tools, it is also well-matched with iPhone and Android devices. In favor of this, you can use the app on Mac OS and Blackberry OS devices.

Price- the TheTruthSpy app costs around $20.99/month

Pros- there are lots of pros of this app but the two major ones are- tamper proof and very discreet, it favors multi-language ability.

#4 AppSpy


Another famous and popular Instagram spy app designed for concerned parents is AppSpy. This spying tool can access each and every detail about the suspect such as what he/she is doing right now. AppSpy operates incredibly on android device with version 2.3. Other than this, it can work well on window os, iOS devices with 6.0 versions. You will be able to read chats, save pictures and videos being sent or received on suspect Instagram account.

Price- FREE

Pros- you can run this app easily on stealth mode that’s why it is considered an invisible app. It is very easy to install and offers 24×7 live tracking services.

#5 Pumpic


Pumpic Instagram spy app allows you to not only view all the uploaded pictures, videos, and messages on Instagram but also permit you to read the comments. You will get an easy to operate control panel that can be used for easy navigation. You are no longer limited or restricted as the control panel does everything for you. It is compatible on both Android version 2.2 to 6.0.1 and iOS version 6.0 to 11.2.

Price- the Pumpic Instagram spy app costs around $30

Pros- It has a user-friendly control panel that gives you information about the suspect 24×7. This application can protect the kid from awful activities and dangerous pitfalls of social media.

#6 NetSpy


One of the ideal and most installed apps till date is NetSpy app. This is designed in such a way that the parents can easily monitor kid’s Instagram activities and save them for later use. You can easily find out what your kid is doing or to whom he/she is chatting at midnight. Many information could be revealed using this app as it allows you to track apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook too. It is solely designed for iOS devices and Android devices.

Price- FREE

Pros- the app has the ability to monitor messages as well as photos taken directly from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook without letting the kid know about it. A complete analysis of the app features is possible.

#7 TeenSafe


Another popular and eminent spying app offered all over the world is TeenSafe Instagram Spy app. This app offers numerous features and buying packages that are affordable. It is capable of tracking phone location, view call, and audio logs and read as well as save texts. You can even read the entire web history related to Instagram using this app. All the received and send messages as well as photos on your kid’s Instagram account can be monitored using this effective tool. Just like other spying tools, it can be operated well on windows operating system and MacOS.

Price- the price of TeenSafe Instagram Spy app is around $39/ month subscription

Pros- the application is fully secure and you can use the control panel without any hassle. You can even privately peep into kid’s Instagram account and encrypted files as well.

#8 InSpy


The InSpy app permits users to view as well as make a record of all the activities of kids on Instagram. This may include recent or old photos, videos, and files sharing. You can get all the information in high quality and visible format. You need not to have to enter a password on kid’s smartphone so as to view the gallery. Instead, you can use this compatible app that operates tremendously on latest IOS device, Windows OS and Android devices.

Price- this InSpy cost around $99/ month subscription

Pros- you can record all the audios, videos and ambient voices around the suspect. You can zoom in and out the images and videos well using this InSpy app.

#9 PhoneSpying


Another known Instagram spying app on the web is PhoneSPying that assist users to keep an eye over their kids without being around them 24×7. It permits you to track online activities of the kid in real time, thus in this way the kids’ can be kept in control. You can operate the app both on IOS device and android app. PhoneSPying offers dozens of features to its users so as to safeguard the child and restricting all the sites that are found awful and inappropriate.

Price- FREE

Pros- it permits you to use the control panel and put restrictions on activities that are not good for your kids. You can keep full peace of mind and use this app at your fingertip when needed the most.

#10 Salfeld Child Control


Another famous and renowned app in the market is Salfeld Child Control App. You can easily safeguard the kid using this perfectly designed app. This is how you will be able to keep both the eyes on your kid without letting her know about it. All the old or recent information and conversations held between the suspect and the second person can be monitored well using this app. Parents who have an Android or iOS device can use it to target their kid.

Price- it costs around $30


Wanna protect your kid from outside theft and dangerous pitfalls? Use the Instagram spy app.

Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
GuestSpy is the next generation of smartphone monitoring software. Do you worry your child or employee is abusing their SMS or Internet privileges? Then install the tamper-proof app directly onto the compatible smartphone you own and wish to monitor


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