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How to Track Android phone Using GuestSpy App

It is a fact that cheating is not at all tolerable especially one cannot expect this kind of activities from a life partner. Any sort of misunderstanding is sometimes bearable but cheating is one thing that can make relationship hollow. Now if you have a doubt, even slightly, regarding the fact that your spouse is cheating on you and planning to flee away with his/her new boyfriend or girlfriend then do read this article. Currently, there are numerous methods or hacks available through which you can catch the cheater red-handed. But it is especially recommended to use a spying tool such as the GuestSpy as it is compatible with all kind of operating system-IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac, Computer, Etc.

How to Track Android phone Using GuestSpy App

How to Track Android phone Using GuestSpy App

The spying tool follows the suspect everywhere like going to work from home, social media presence, web browsing activities, which they call, hide or delete messages, etc. Now if your spouse is using an Android version then it is going to be the lot easier for you to monitor her/his activities using this simple tool. It will be like you are a spying agent and keeping your eye over the suspect who is planning to spoil someone’s life. No matter how much your spouse is intelligent or smart, you are surely going to have an edge over her/his activities if you make use of this amazing tracking tool.

What else is GuestSpy capable of doing for Tracking Android phone

What else is GuestSpy capable of doing for Tracking Android phone

What else is GuestSpy capable of doing for Tracking Android phone

Apart from the fact that spying app such as GuestSpy is capable of handling Spouse cheating issue, the application also keeps an eye on kids and employees. Why spy on kids or employees? You are very well familiar with the advancement of technology and social media platform such as Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, etc which are getting popular immensely these days. So there is 100% chance to get trapped in social media threats, thefts, and other illegal activities. Of course, people make use of such a platform to get famous and popular quickly, but one such mean could be the usage of illegal activities as it brings quicker results compared to conventional means.

Spy on Kids as mentioned above the social media platform is getting famous and popular day by day, which implies the active users are increasing on daily basis. Your kid might be using social media platform such as Facebook, Viber, Instagram on his/her android smartphone so as to stay connected with people and friends. Without knowing the consequences of it, they might have surely indulged in awful and inappropriate activities. So, being a parent it is your responsibility to protect your kid from social media contents which are not appropriate for your kid.

Spy on employee why to spy on the employee? How could he/she create a problem for your company? As we all know that there are hundreds of companies running behind to offer similar services to the customer so there are huge chances that they want success before you. Other companies may bribe your employee for exposing certain documents and files related to your current project and steal the whole format of your project. Surely you won’t be able to prove yourself correct because all the entire important documents and files will be in their hands even the top secrets of the company. So, to avoid encountering such situations and circumstances, you need to spy on your employee.

Coming back to the main idea behind this article-spying on a cheating spouse, the best way to remotely catch the suspect red-handed is GuestSpy app. There is much software available on the web that claims to be the best but eventually they just focus solely on making money without thinking about the customers. Now, if you choose GuestSpy app one of the biggest advantage you will be getting is proven services that get appreciated by many of the existing customers. So, no such case of frauds or cheating gets arises. You just need to plant the GuestSpy app on the suspect Android phone and the branches of the app reach the activities of the suspect. Thereby, it exposes all the hidden or unknown messages and calls from the suspect cell phone.

Features of GuestSpy Android Tracker App

Features of GuestSpy Android Tracker App

Features of GuestSpy Android Tracker App

Phone call recording you will be able to record MP3 file, duration, number dialed, number of the callers. Furthermore, you will be able to record hidden sound conversations from suspect mobile. You just have to choose a suspect phone number and it will be recorded automatically. GuestSpy app is capable of recording send and received calls that can be listening later on web account. You just have to find the phone call recording feature to monitor recent and old phone calls.

Read instant messages- you will be able to monitor instant messages send or receive on Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and more. You can read the instant messages from your control panel whenever you access the internet and you are also capable of saving these chats if you wish to use it as evidence in future.

Listen to nearby phones voice– many times conversation of target person and stranger may take place in private places and not on the phone. So, in this case, you can use this feature and record nearby phone voices and hear what they are talking about in private. To make use of this feature you have to just make a fake call or hidden call on target phone which will be answered automatically.

Monitor GPS location the real-time location of the target person can be recorded using the GuestSpy. This feature can also be used to track the location of the lost phone. You can see the location where the phone is located on the map and the time and date stamp is also displayed along with it. in case your employee is late for work then you can make the best use of this feature and know where they are and why they get late at work.

Monitor messages SMS messages are a common way to contact someone. To read SMS chat of the target person you can make use of this feature. You can also get other information like the encrypted SMS, deleted SMS, sender name and number, date as well as a time stamp. These messages can be saved or downloaded from the control panel.

Monitor web history– web history of browsers used by the target person is recorded by the GuestSpy and it is made available to see on the control panel. There is displayed that which URL or website is most recently visited and which URL is least visited. You can block the unwanted URLs from the blocking URL feature of the GuestSpy. You can also, see the saved pages as well as bookmarks of the target person’s phone.

Media files monitoringmedia files like the photos or videos, music and other documents like the Zip files can be viewed and monitoring using this feature. You can also see date and time particular photos or video was captured. You can even get the erased videos and photos from the target phone .also; the source from where the photo or video is taken on target mobile is also shown. You are allowed to save the media files on your device.

Read contact history– the target phone call history can be tracked using this feature of the GuestSpy.  You can see phone number as well date and time stamp a particular call was made or received. You are able to view the full call history of the target phone. Also, the deleted contact history is also displayed. You can also see what all contact number is saved in the target contact book.

So these are some of the amazing features of the GuestSpy. If you wish to make use of all these features of the GuestSpy then you are needed to make subscription before installing this app in your mobile. This subscription package will not cost you much and it is totally affordable. One can easily choose a subscription package which meets their need and contain the features they require.

So, hurry up and download this amazing spy software in your phone and start tracking your loved ones today. You need to have an android cell phone to download as well as install this software in your device. You can also use this software to track the iPhone devices. You are needed to have good internet speed so that you can easily install as well as use this software target device.

This software is-

  • Compatible on all devices
  • 100% virus free and tested
  • Top rated and reviewed
  • Fast running and provide accurate data
  • Easy to use and install
  • Allow remote control of the device

All these things make GuestSpy one of the best spyware. If you make use of this software your device will remain free from the virus or other issues. It does not affect your device and allows the smooth running of the device. So, now no matter in which location of the world you are you will be able to keep eyes on your kids, spouse, and employees. Also, you can be their savior and save them from cyber threats.