How to spy on someones cell phone without installing software on target phone

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How to Catch Employees Who Take Days-Off with Lame Excuses
December 21, 2017
How to spy on someones text messages without them knowing
How to spy on someones text messages without them knowing
January 9, 2018
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How to spy on someones cell phone without installing software on target phone

How to spy on someones cell phone without installing software on target phone

How to spy on someones cell phone without installing software on target phone

Review: How to spy on someones cell phone without installing software on target phone
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How to spy on someones cell phone without having the device in possession

Spy applications are no less than a magical formula via which you can discover the truth behind lies. Technical revolution has changed the view of this world as it let us complete the difficult task easier.  Spy software is introduced with a purpose of helping those who are living in a dilemma and surrounded by lies. They are virtual secret agents capable enough to dig out information on any device. The readers of this content are well aware of spy applications, but many of them are still not aware of its evolution. Just like humans, technology evolves too, and spy applications are more advanced than ever.

You have been through contents that have been telling you to be a detective to install the spy on the target device. But things have changed now as developers have spared you from this hard work which involves risk as well. Have you heard about the GuestSpy application? Well, this one is inspired by traditional spy applications but way too different than that.

So, what makes it different? The application doesn’t require possession of the target device which saves you from getting involved in risky jobs. Yes, installing any spy app on others phone is a risky job and you might end up in jail. Developers know that it is not fair to take such a big risk just to dig out any device information.  Because of this, they have found a new way to rectify this issue, i.e., to create an application that doesn’t require device possession. In simple terms, users are now free from the hard work of getting the target device secretly and install the app in it.

How to spy on someones cell phone without having the device in possession

How to spy on someones cell phone without having the device in possession

The application rectifies all the drawback of traditional application and device possession has been one of them.  Previously, people tend to face lots of problem because of the absence of this feature. As we know that applications need updates and when they are installed in target phone, then this thing becomes hard & impossible.  If it doesn’t update on time then they stop working and the target person knows that someone is spying on him/her. There were lots of problems associated with spy applications that make such software curse rather than being a big help.

Even though there are many other such applications available in the market but GuestSpy is one of a kind, or it is precise to use word exclusive. The application has following characteristics or features:

Spy instant messages

Popular social media websites are taking over the world with storm. It is hard for youngsters to stay away from it but this platform can be a nightmare if doesn’t use properly. Developers know that popular social apps contain essential information. As a parent or a spouse, one can stalk their children social media platform and know about their company via messages. Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype, etc. platform details will be stored on your device.

Phone call recording

Conversation recordings can tell a whole lot of story, and spy app let you know it. It is hard to find out the person on the phone talking with your kid or spouse.  But it isn’t impossible for this spy application because it can record not only conversations but the details as well. The feature is exciting as you can get the recorded conversation in a secret file. You can even choose any contact number, and then the app automatically records the conversation.

Ambient listening

Have you ever heard the surrounding voice while talking and doubted that the person on the other side is lying about his/her current position? Well, it happens with a lot of people, and thus ambient listening feature get introduced. The surrounding voice gets recorded, and you can listen to it. Trust me the feature is really very cool and reveal hidden secrets.

GPS tracker 

Do you think your son is lying to you or your employees making excuses for coming late to the office? Well, GPS tracker feature is a great solution as you can view the current position of your employees or son on the map. You can even catch them red-handed and save them from getting into trouble.  The real-time GPS tracker is an excellent way to chase someone without getting tired. You don’t need to burn calories at all to get the exact location.

Monitor web history

Want to know about your kids or spouse web history? Well, it isn’t difficult as you think because of GuestSpy application.  You can have all URLs visited by the target person and know what he/she had been searching last night? Web history discloses the true nature of target person and lets you handle things properly. One can scan someone’s web history and can gather essential information.

Have access to multi-media files

Teenagers these days love to click pictures but they keep it hidden from others especially parents. With this feature, all recorded videos, as well as clicked images, will be visible to you. Know about the strange faces in the photos along with other information. The feature even helps business to know about the culprit in your office. If you have doubt that someone has leaked your business details, then you can get to know via multi-media files as well.

Address book

Contact numbers are a big help when you are searching for truth.  Via addresses book features; you can scroll down the book and see the details mentioned in it. The application sends you a screen shot of all the details mentioned in the device.

Live control panel

It feels good when everything is at your fingertip right? Instant location, messages, files, etc. can be seen through this device. The purpose of “live control panel” is to give you the information about activities happening in an instant.

Remote control

Mobile theft has become common these days, and this feature saves you from the loss caused by it. If your device gets lost, you can use this feature to lock your phone and protect the information contained in it. The feature ensures that your personal data doesn’t get into wrong hands and ruin your life.

Every feature of the GuestSpy application is meant for solving different problems.  Now the next question arises, how to protect the stored data? In case your device gets damaged, or get lots what would you be doing? Well, it is a big concern, but developers have a solution for this issue as well.

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All praise to web accounts

Data security is the reason behind web account introduction. Previously, users have to adjust to the fact that their recorded data isn’t safe but today’s reality is different.  Web accounts have solved this issue, and their data is completely saved with this application.

  • It is also known as cloud account, and this feature is even seen in many Smartphone these days.
  • A web account is like any other online account, but it is online. Web account has all the recorded data and in case the data get lots from your device, web account helps you.
  • However, there is one thing that web account feature always comes with premium applications, i.e., they aren’t free.
  • Many companies have this feature after all; all the spying work is just a waste of time if you can’t have the information when needed.

Completely undetectable

Imagine you are about to discover the truth you have been waiting for, but then the absence of stealth mode let you down.  Yes, only premium applications have this feature, and free apps don’t have it. The feature won’t expose your spying work, and you can be a secret detective. However, some premium devices stealth mode feature isn’t very good though they charge the same price. So, it is better to check the device compatibility.

No device possession clause

Before such applications, possessing any device seems the only option, but developers introduced other spying applications as well. Applications these days aren’t required to be into the target device to track data.  The especially GuestSpy application is famous for its stealth mode feature because his feature is quite powerful.

According to spy app users as well as experts, GuestSpy is the best spy app on the market. Regarding features, quality and price, everything is just perfect.

Why use innovative spy applications

Why use innovative spy applications

Why use innovative spy applications

People all around the world use it to rectify strains in their relationship and work.  You can use it on following people:


Whether you are married or single, at some point of time doubts arises between you and your partner. Many times people lack resources and thus their relationship end on a bad note.  Before spy applications, either people had to rely on detectives, or they just feel helpless. However, this software is excellent to remove all misunderstanding.  Nowadays, you don’t have to sacrifice with your pity situation.  You can control things plus it is very economical as compared to the detective option.  Now you can know whether your love is true or your partner is just playing with your feelings.


Though internet was developed to connect the entire world and thus social media, have been introduced. However, some people don’t have a good habit of minding their own business plus don’t let others live a peaceful life as well.  And children are easy to prey on due to which the cases of cybercrime are increasing day by day.  On the other hand, social media is today’s need, and you can’t be a dictator to stop them from using such platforms. Parents need a way via which they can protect their kids without being old-fashioned parents in your kid’s eyes. Spy applications are the solution, and even when your kids are ways from you, you can still have details about them.


It is very difficult to handle success especially when you have so many competitors that never miss a chance to know you down.  However, you can’t just snatch the freedom of your employees no their personal life.  Spy applications are for such people who want to run the business smoothly but without being rude and bossy. Spy apps let you monitor activities of the main assets of your business, i.e., your employees.  You can calculate their productivity; get to know what they are doing while working hours, etc.

Backup phone data

I know this benefit of spy applications remain unknown to many people even among those who are using spy applications. However, spy apps have some features that can recover your lost data and you can get all your data back to you. Along with this, with the trace mode feature is best to find out the lost device.  Other than this, almost every spy feature actually helps you to get your lost device as it is designed in a way.

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Spy applications – a modern, economical and easy way to get over problems

Spy applications – a modern, economical and easy way to get over problems

Spy applications – a modern, economical and easy way to get over problems

Technology makes things easy without letting you get buried under debts. From free applications to premium applications, developers make sure that everyone can get this simple problem-solving device even if they don’t have cash. Though free apps aren’t that efficient but still they do some work for you.  On the other hand, premium apps are highly efficient because of multiple features.  Along with this, there are many other spy apps like GPS tracker, call tracker, social media tracker, etc.  Options are limited as all you need to look around and get the right application.


GuestSpy application is best among all premium apps because it has many exclusive features.  On the other hand, other apps like the above one are also good.  Majority of applications are meant for both Android and iOS. Due to this iOS users don’t need to worry about device compatibility.  Companies are now selling spy apps with a GuestSpy free trial policy tag. Under this policy, 48 hours or more hours are given to you so that you can check its efficiency. So, visit online spy app site, view reviews of products, be sure and then buy the spy application and start spying.

Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
GuestSpy is the next generation of smartphone monitoring software. Do you worry your child or employee is abusing their SMS or Internet privileges? Then install the tamper-proof app directly onto the compatible smartphone you own and wish to monitor