How to hack WhatsApp without rooting

Many people want to brag about their achievement in the WhatsApp tricks. A number of tricks for WhatsApp you can find on the internet but apply practically for hacking someone’s account is a difficult task. Many people do not have required technical skills to hack someone’s WhatsApp accounts. Before discussing the method to hack the WhatsApp, first, you need to know about WhatsApp.

How to hack WhatsApp without rooting

How to hack WhatsApp without rooting

Basically, WhatsApp is the instant messaging service which allows user to make video or audio call in free of cost. This takes you to keep messaging with the help of internet. You don’t need to have any other extensions to talk with people. You can use same internet data which you used for email or web browsing. According to the platform such as windows, android, I phone and blackberry you need to download it from the app store. Install and make an account with the messenger with a mobile number, and you can use it frequently.

Process to hack the WhatsApp messages

When the WhatsApp launched, there are some security problems that the hacker can easily hack your account without extreme efforts. Now the application is fully secured but it provides small hacking, or it may be said tracking features. The app store includes thousands of spy apps, but most of them are garbage and useless. They cannot provide better information as we want to get. To hack someone’s account, you just need to have top methods.

Spoof mac address:

It is the best tracking or hacking method which provide about 99% possibility of hacking. For this reasons, you just need to have victim’s mobile MAC address. Change your device MAC address withy same MAC address. MAC is basically a media access control which includes 12 digit unique numeric characters. This is the unique address for network adapter or the WIFI connection.

Process for Android devices

First, you need to access the victim’s MAC address then go to setting, about, and then Mac address. Note down this address because it is difficult to remember. Now uninstall WhatsApp on your device and install Spy tool on the device which is necessary. The terminal emulator also needs to download and install. After successfully installation, launch the app and type required character which will guide by the app then press enter.  After some formalities, the wizard asks you to fill the Mac address. Replace the old address and fill the new one.

Now install WhatsApp and make an account with victim’s mobile number. You are confirming the account then you need victim’s phone to put the OTP. After confirmation, you can access all the information of victim’s WhatsApp.

GuestSpy – Spy software

Spy software is basically a hacking tool which does not require any root or address information. Just fill up the WhatsApp account information that means the mobile number, and it can automatically hack WhatsApp accounts. Maybe sometimes it does not provide free services, so you may have to pay a small amount to hacking WhatsApp messages. It can help you to access call history, messaging information, even contact number, and a name of the people.

Jeffry L. Bedell
Jeffry L. Bedell
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